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To whom it may concern:

Allright Construction did my Den Roof. It was pouring down rain, I call Allright Cons. and told them the rain was coming down my chimney like a waterfall, everything was wet. They cam out within an hour in the rain and put a trap around my chimney and that stopped the rain from coming in the house. They put a new roof on my Den, fixed the fireplace, did extra work that was needed, they did an excellent job. I highly recommend them. Other roofers didn’t even notice the work that should have been done, but Allright Construction did. I am a very satisfied customer. My neighbors are going to have their roofs replaced with Allright Cons. because I’m so happy with them. They also were so polite and took good care of my needs. If you want the job done right CALL ALLRIGHT CONSTRUCTION!!

A very satisfied customer, Patricia P Locke