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My name is Alonzo Taylor, I’m a homeowner, and reside in San Antonio, Texas in a Four Bedroom Family House. I’ve contracted ALLRIGHT CONSTRUCITON on several projects on my house since 2010. Mr. Rudy Quesada is the owner, and project manager of these projects. All project performed by Mr. Rudy and his Construction Company was completed in an exemplary manner.

The first project that ALLRIGHT CONSTRUCTION performed on my house was n November 2010. Due to Hail damage, he replaced the entire roof on my house, replaced the screens on all windows, and the gutters on the patio roof. The third project performed was Due also Hail Damage in April 2015. He replaced the roof on my house again. The third project performed was in May 2018. His company replaced Siding on my house, also replace all the Trim around the windows, and installed new bottom trim around the entire house. They also painted all related areas, and sealed all the cracks in the structure. I’m planning another project next year and I’ll call Mr. Quesada to come and give me a quote on the job.

I have been very satisfied and impressed with the professional work that ALLRIGHT CONSTRUCTION has completed on my house. I am particularly impressed with their Attention to Detail in their work, their punctuality, the quality of materials, and project area clean up after every day of work. They always keep me informed of all the problems, or changes that must be done, and all residential, and commercial construction projects. If needed, anyone is welcome to call me, or come by my residence to see ALLRIGHT CONSTRUCTION’S work. My name is Alonzo Taylor, and phone # is 210=316-7647.