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This is to recommend Mr. Rudy Quesada doing business as Allright Construction as a general contractor. Mr. Quesada’s company did my roofing work last and I found him to be an excellent Contractor, there is no better intermediary for ensuring that the construction project was always running smoothly and at peak.

For my job, Mr. Quesada inspected the job site to ensure that the job was running in a timely manner and was in constant contact with me. His employees were very respectable and they cleaned up after the job was completed. When the job was completed he made a final inspection to make sure it was done to satisfaction. if anything was not corrected, he would have his employees come out to remedy the problem.

Mr. Quesada has a level of knowledge and expertise that simply inspires trust. What he didn’t know off the top of his head, he knew where to go to get the answers.

Mr. Quesada has provided the resources and expertise to successfully meet my request. He truly understands what it takes to maintain a successful relationship with his customers. I am definitely going to use Mr. Quesada’s company again. I highly recommend him and trust him for any job. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at (210) 413-6476.